"Invisible “O”bject is the title of Emilio Gomariz’ work. It is visible (disregarding the title), but only on second sight: In front of the gray and white checkerboard background from the image editing software Photoshop, which is the atelier of many digital artists, a transparent ring, almost like a doughnut, rotates. This requires some concentration because the ring does not manifest itself at a casual glance. The longer one focuses on the rotating ring, the more one would like to grab it. In CERMÂ’s project room this sculpture gains some height, it almost reaches the floor and the ceiling – a gigantic virtual Op Art object." - Sabine Weier
Invisible object has been recently exhibited in POST-OP at Mixed Greens, NY, at TRANSNUMERIQUES #4 at Galeries in Brussels, as a three-dimensional floating virtual sculpture at CERMÂ in Offenbach, Germany and at Super Art Modern Museum.

Title Invisible Object

Year 2011

Type GIF

Size 650 x 650px, variable

Length Loop